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Vintage Oak Flooring Options

 Classic anything is big news at this time. Everything from clothes, to interiors as well as food is becoming the'classic' makeover. Adidas is jumping on the bandwagon with their Stan Smith Originals array and we'd defy anybody not to beg to get a classic Rolex on their left arm (or directly if they fancy J!) . If it comes to interiors, things like tired and battered club seats in addition to an Eames Barcelona or butterfly could develop a simple room into a real style statement.

No matter whether you have a brick-walled loft, an early apartment or a new construct, with a bit of thought and planning you can achieve the vintage interior look that's occupying so much space at the likes of Elle Decoration and living . When you look closely at many of the pictures that are so attractive they're often made up of simple white walls, then a really stylish vintage floor and a couple of statement pieces.

If you're re-looking a room or even a whole house or apartment therefore it has a classic look, classic oak flooring will supply you with the perfect backdrop. There are two options open to you once you're sniffing out classic oak flooring. The first is that you wait patiently for everything you are after looking on the reclaimed wood floor market and pay the ticket cost which goes with it (which can often be extremely high), or you can find a reclaimed or distressed look floor that will provide you with a completely convincing solution, including all the advantages of a new floor together with an extremely reasonable price tag.

Two of the most interesting options for new floors which has a classic look are Hand Distressed Oak Flooring and Reclaimed Appearance Oak flooring.

Hand Distressed Oak Flooring

Hand distressed oak flooring is solid or engineered bamboo planks that have been artificially aged to look as though they have had years of usage. This is exactly what provides new floors its charming, heritage and sought look look.

The alternate to hand distressed oak flooring is an oak floor that's been distressed by machine. Distressing by machine frequently takes place by putting the wooden boards at a giant drum (a little like a huge tumble dryer) with a range of sharp objects which will randomly lead to harm to the floor boards since they turn from the machine. While this produces a nice uneven, convincing look there's not any getting away from the fact that a hand distressed oak floor is usually a more authentic solution.

Reclaimed Look Oak Flooring

Waiting for your ideal vintage bamboo floor to show up on the reclaimed flooring market is somewhat hit and miss. You may be lucky and find something efficiently, enabling you to get on with your project, but if you are unlucky it might take months and even years to find just what you're searching for. That is the reason why so many individuals now plump for retrieved look bamboo floors. With clever therapy and convincing colouring, even new oak flooring can look as though it has stood the test of time.

The secret to sniffing out a persuasive reclaimed appearance bamboo floor is to look for boards which have slight traces of wear and tear, especially around the borders. Though the surface of this form of board might not seem as'broken' as hand distressed oak flooring, the slightly chiseled border you'll normally find on the edge of a reclaimed look oak flooring will add real charm and suggest that the floor has been well used in its own life.

When it comes to deciding on the right classic bamboo flooring for your job, much like flooring projects, you need to believe carefully about humidity and temperature changes in addition to whether you have under floor heatingsystem. Once again, this is really where artificially'vintaged' oak flooring comes into its own. Because new'vintage' flooring comes in solid and engineered flooring choices, you're safe to fit this sort of floors in kitchens and bathrooms in addition to over under floor heating.

If you are watching out for a vintage oak floor alternative, but are struggling to get what you're after, why not get connected and let us help you?


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