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Light or Dark Parquet Engineered Flooring?

In the good old times, parquet flooring could have known for a craftsman to invest substantial amounts of time cutting wood and fitting it unnaturally into the parquet pattern you'd chosen. Thankfully, the advent of engineered parquet floors has put paid to all that. Engineered hardwood flooring is a clever construction of layers of ply that are bonded together to make a stable core board. On that core plank, a layer of real, strong wood is subsequently applied. It is this combination of stability, durability and fantastic looks that produces engineered wood flooring so incredibly popular. In fact, it's so stable, you can even place it in kitchens and bathrooms in which you're very likely to get substantial changes in humidity and humidity levels. Within this kind of setting, strong hardwood floors is very likely to produce problems through the continuous expansion and contraction it will go through. But because engineered timber flooring does not expand and contract to nea