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Light or Dark Parquet Engineered Flooring?

In the good old times, parquet flooring could have known for a craftsman to invest substantial amounts of time cutting wood and fitting it unnaturally into the parquet pattern you'd chosen. Thankfully, the advent of engineered parquet floors has put paid to all that. Engineered hardwood flooring is a clever construction of layers of ply that are bonded together to make a stable core board. On that core plank, a layer of real, strong wood is subsequently applied. It is this combination of stability, durability and fantastic looks that produces engineered wood flooring so incredibly popular. In fact, it's so stable, you can even place it in kitchens and bathrooms in which you're very likely to get substantial changes in humidity and humidity levels. Within this kind of setting, strong hardwood floors is very likely to produce problems through the continuous expansion and contraction it will go through. But because engineered timber flooring does not expand and contract to nea

3 Tips for Healthy Hardwood Floors This Summer

You're not the only one influenced by the humidity and heat of central Indiana summers. Your hardwood flooring feel it, too! As a pure substance, wood is affected by the atmosphere and moisture around it. As the humidity levels in the atmosphere grow, hardwood flooring can be vulnerable to cupping, which is when the planks absorb water and swell, bumping against other planks and bending. At Floor Sanding Fitzrovia , we take extra precautions when installing hardwood flooring to reduce cupping. 1. Use minimal water . It is always best practice to utilize a minimum quantity of water when mopping hardwood floors. But in the summertime, it is even more important to do so. When humidity levels are high, water takes longer to evaporate. Becuase it sits to the timber longer than it may in the wintertime, additional water may absorb into the wood. Over time, the wood may warp. 2. Use a dehumidifier. With a dehumidifier, particularly a whole-home dehumidifier, you have more control over th


Whether you're upgrading from carpeting to hardwood, renovating a gorgeous old attic, or just comparison shopping in prep for a mini renovation, then you have to select the right flooring material to the job. But what does that mean, exactly? Absent the context of your work, budget, needs, and aesthetic purposes, the question of"what is the best flooring material" is as meaningless as a question such as"what is the best car?" The smart rejoinder should be"what is the best car for what?" Likewise,"what is the best floor material for what?" All that said, hardwood flooring boast impressive properties which can be ideal for versatile kinds of work. Let us look at these properties and custom-solve your flooring issues. 1. Durability Depending upon the forests you select, your maintenance strategy, humidity, wear and tear, etc, hardwood floors can last decades if not hundreds of years longer than you will ever personally will need to use