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Light or Dark Parquet Engineered Flooring?

In the good old times, parquet flooring could have known for a craftsman to invest substantial amounts of time cutting wood and fitting it unnaturally into the parquet pattern you'd chosen. Thankfully, the advent of engineered parquet floors has put paid to all that.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a clever construction of layers of ply that are bonded together to make a stable core board. On that core plank, a layer of real, strong wood is subsequently applied. It is this combination of stability, durability and fantastic looks that produces engineered wood flooring so incredibly popular. In fact, it's so stable, you can even place it in kitchens and bathrooms in which you're very likely to get substantial changes in humidity and humidity levels. Within this kind of setting, strong hardwood floors is very likely to produce problems through the continuous expansion and contraction it will go through. But because engineered timber flooring does not expand and contract to nearly the exact same extent, it will resist the pressures and strains experienced in kitchens and bathrooms without batting an eyelid.

If you are picking your parquet engineered flooring, one of the biggest decisions you're going to have to deal with is whether to go for a dark or light option. Choosing the right flooring choice can make a real difference to the result you achieve on your area and in this guide we will share some fantastic light and dark parquet engineered flooring ideas with you.

Sunny White

The perfect solution for smaller rooms that are missing in natural lighting...

You will find some of reasons why you might need a dark colored floor. Contrary to the previous case, it may be that you're attempting to bring a large, cavernous room more into ratio, or perhaps your area is teeming with natural light and you do not need the help of the flooring to make a glowing illusion. Either way, this prime engineered oak herringbone parquet floor that's been dark smoked then brushed and UV oiled is ideal.

At Floor Sanding Fitzrovia we have seen this flooring fitted in all from miniature dining rooms to loft

apartments, and without doubt it seems magnificent. A real classic, it works with any sort of furnishing, contemporary or traditional and will not, ever go out of style. Add to the the peace of mind that you get from understanding that the UV filter can help protect this beautiful dark flooring from fading in the sunlight and you couldn't ask for more.

Another great alternative for smaller, smaller rooms is this prime engineered bamboo floor in chevron parquet design that's been brushed and white oiled. Slightly less white than the Sunny White solution above, this flooring makes a very calm and neutral background for pretty much any type of furniture. A true classic, it is an option that'll brighten up the darkest of spaces and yet will not offer such a WOW announcement which you danger tiring of it.

Coffee Brushed

An intriguing dark and light effect which will delight...

This dim chevron parquet engineered timber flooring was java brushed, making it a very dark and intriguing solution for virtually any room in the house. Even though the total impact of the flooring choice is dark, there is sufficient contrast in every parquet strip to make it a very intriguing end appearance.

Regardless of whether you're searching for dark or light parquet engineered floors, we have it covered. Add to the knowledge and experience that the Entire team at Floor Sanding Fitzrovia provides you and you may see why a growing number of folks are discovering their ideal wood flooring alternatives right here.


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