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One of those dangers when trimming a floor is you are likely to wind up with sander marks or imprints afterwards. Sanding machines are powerful and substantial and this may easily occur. In case you haven't ever used a wood sander before, you are almost sure to suffer this fate and it's almost always best to use professionals if you require a hardwood flooring sanded.

Precautions have to be taken to prevent these distinctive marks from appearing. Firstly, there are various methods if you're sanding a stained or unstained floor. Equally, different kinds of timber have to be treated in various ways and perhaps even different ages of wood will react to sanding in various ways.

An expert will know which type of equipment is required and furthermore, will have it at their disposal. Suitable, high quality floor sanders aren't cheap and you can not necessarily just go and hire one. A good sander needs weight and power. You want the right tools for the job.

So instead of hiring the sander and risking your beautiful hardwood floor, why don't you hire professionals to perform the sanding job in its entirety? You can then be assured that your flooring won't be damaged and will wind up looking as great as it's ever done.


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Whether you're upgrading from carpeting to hardwood, renovating a gorgeous old attic, or just comparison shopping in prep for a mini renovation, then you have to select the right flooring material to the job.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Absent the context of your work, budget, needs, and aesthetic purposes, the question of"what is the best flooring material" is as meaningless as a question such as"what is the best car?" The smart rejoinder should be"what is the best car for what?" Likewise,"what is the best floor material for what?" All that said, hardwood flooring boast impressive properties which can be ideal for versatile kinds of work. Let us look at these properties and custom-solve your flooring issues.

1. Durability

Depending upon the forests you select, your maintenance strategy, humidity, wear and tear, etc, hardwood floors can last decades if not hundreds of years longer than you will ever personally will need to use your home…


Cost-efficiency is a factor which only about every modern householder finds themselves considering when they're making v investments nowadays, as very few have the funds to be able to make constant changes to décor.

Most householders are even more cost-conscious when they're making larger home investments- with floors fitting firmly into this category.

Although rugs have been a common sight on the floors of houses for years now, many householders are perhaps starting to feel that flooring no longer really makes the grade. Whilst good quality carpets can last for quite a while with good care and maintenance, there's a limitation to the lifespan of most rugs - and lots of modern householders are not well prepared to survive this limitation.

This is why, over the last few years, an increasing number of householders have replaced their rugs with hardwood floors.

When looked after properly, good quality hardwood floors can endure the test of time and outlive most other kinds o…

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wood Floors

Fall is a good time to find some brand new wood flooring installed. Partner using Fitzrovia Floor Sanding for your professional hardwood flooring renovation! Below are a few tips for how to make the most of your hardwood flooring.

Choosing the Wood

When you want the best wood flooring, you first must think of the type wood you want. Some are lighter than many others, and while some are natural, others are engineered to achieve the durability you're searching for. Wood flooring that are not hard enough are far more likely to be damaged by dust, dirt, and moisture.

Adding Sealant

1 method to protect your investment in hardwood floors is to add the right sealant. Sealing your wood floors is the most efficient method for keeping them protected from damage because of the climate you live in. And even though autumn is in full swing and winter is on the way, parts of Maryland can still be quite humid.

Handling Humidity

Humidity is the natural enemy of your hardwood flooring. It does not ma…